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Soda (Refillable at drink bar) $3.25
Pitcher of Soda 48 OZ (Non-refillable) $7.95
Pitcher of Soda 64Oz  (Non-Refillable) $10.95
Raspberry Lemonade (Refillable at drink bar) $4.25
Pitcher of Raspberry Lemonade 48oz (Non-refillable) $9.75
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea (Refillable at drink bar) $2.75
Hot Tea $1.85
Fresh Ground, Fresh Brewed Coffee (Refillable) $2.75
Milk 16 OZ (Non-refillable) $3.25
Kid’s Milk 12 OZ (Non-refillable) $2.50
Kid’s Soda (Refillable $2.50) $1.90
Kid’s Raspberry Lemonade (Refillable $4.25) $2.65
Tomato Juice $1.50
Kids Juice Box $1.25
Chocolate Milk Box $2.00

Beers on tap

*Widmer: Hefeweizen

*8 Rotating Beer Taps

*2 Rotating Hard Cider Taps


Bottled Beers

*Jack Daniels Hard Lemonade
*O’ Douls
*Omission Gluten Free Lager
*Budweiser (16oz. Bottles)
*Bud Light (16oz. bottles)

*Coors light (16oz bottles)

*Michelob Ultra (16oz. Bottles)

Wine List

 ~15 Mile Winery~

*High Tension Red Blend


Also offer Red Bull Energy Drinks, Kids Juice Boxs, And Campbells Tomato Juice.